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Real opportunities for real estate investors and lenders.  

Leverage your sources of real estate opportunities

Professionally sourcing, vetting, and evaluating the best opportunities in the nation, to provide our investor clients’. 

»Fix and Flip Partnerships
»Fix and List Partnerships
»Buy & Hold (Single & Multi-Fam)
»Subject To (SubTo)
»Private Funding

How to get started.


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Fill out our investor registration below for us to provide you a tailored list of opportunities as soon as they are available through our portal.

Review and Offer.

Once an opportunity is available that interests you, reach out to us to discuss details, do your due diligence on the opportunity, and prepare for paperwork acceptance.

Finalize the Opportunity.

Once you're confident with the opportunity, we finalize with closing reps and your fund avenues. Once all parties are ready, the closing will occur!

Current Opportunities.

Seattle Fix n Flip


Tacoma Fix n Flip


Everett Fix n’ Flip


Get updated as opportunities arrive.

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