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Company FAQs

Who is Realblvd?

Realblvd is a tech-enabled direct home buyer and a fully licensed real estate listing team.
The company’s on-demand platform has an innovative end-to-end real estate transaction experience tailored to home-sellers. Realblvd streamlines the process for home-sellers, making selling a home convenient, simple, and hassle-free. We’ve embraced the tagline “Your home sold your way”.

We’re privately owned backed by individuals. We’re not a huge faceless corporation, we’re a local small business. Our company office is based in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Learn more about us on our About page.

How does Realblvd differ from other real estate services?

We offer more flexibility when selling; We don’t just display homes for sale on a website or estimate home values, we provide homeowners an option to receive fair purchase cash offers AND listing offers under one platform.

Typically, similar companies are only able to offer 1 approach; either you list on the market or sell at a cash price. We’re better, by being a hybrid business model; you will receive all options to compare versus just one option.

Unlike other companies, you can cancel the sale at any time before closing, without a penalty. Our offers are valid for 14 days so you have time to plan and make the best decision possible all without hard-selling from a sharky salesperson like other companies out there.

Request your offers on your home today!

How long has Realblvd been in business?

Realblvd is a new entity established in 2020, backed with over a decade of industry experience, we created a platform where sellers could come and get offers for their home, contract, and close, all without a number of the hassles associated with traditional real estate selling.

In what cities does Realblvd operate in?

Our physical office is in Seattle, WA, and we operate in the following metropolitan areas, typically within about a 40-mile radius of the city.

  • Portland, OR
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Franciso, CA
  • All major cities in Texas
  • Denver, CO
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Miami, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Boston, MA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Washington, DC

Don’t see your area? Contact us to see if your area qualifies. We are expanding!

Are you licensed?

Absolutely – We are licensed real estate professionals that buy and sell homes. Our founder and the principal broker has been a licensed real estate professional since 2005, that’s 15 years of real estate experience in addition to our other teammates’ real estate experience.
Being licensed brings the knowledge and trust that we provide our community. We recommend you work with licensed real estate professionals when selling your home.

Is Realblvd a brokerage?

No, Realblvd is a licensed business entity owned by a licensed real estate broker with their license under the real estate brokerage firm.

We’re currently in the process of becoming a full-service real estate brokerage in Washington State. We can buy homes throughout the USA. We can refer you to anyone in the USA to list your home if you’re outside of our home area.
Contact us to find out how.

Your home, our mission.

Realblvd makes every step of selling and buying your home easier.

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