Be in Control. Sell direct.

Direct Sale

Sell your property without all the hassles, with a fair, intelligent, all-cash offer on your time.

Why Sell to Us?

A simple certain sale.

Sell your property to us in its current condition, we pay all the closings costs, and you choose the closing date! Get the certainty of a done deal with a fair, direct, certain all-cash offer!

Get StartedGet Started

Sell “as-is”

When we buy your property, we buy it the way it sits! Receive our offer that won’t change later, from our professionally licensed process.

No Repairs Needed!

You don’t need to do any repairs or clean anything! We take on the cost and the burden.

No Fees or Commissions

We pay for typical closing costs and the excise tax! We don’t charge any commissions or fees when we buy your property directly!

Money Talks

When you receive our offer price, that is the NET, “in your pocket” amount! No fluff or offer price drops!

Choose When You Sell!

You’re in control of when you want to sell! Pick your sales date and receive your funds!

You’re in control

Just tell us when you want to finalize the sale and we’ll close then! Once the closing has occurred, you’ll get your funds guaranteed! It’s that simple and certain!

How it works:


Fill out the form below or contact us.

We will gather general property information to assist us in creating an intelligent cash offer for you. All your information is strictly confidential when we collect it.

Virtual Property Evaluation

A virtual inspection of the interior and exterior of your house will allow us to assemble the strongest offer possible. You simply provide photos through our form!

We provide you our all-cash offer.

Based on our property analysis, our agent will provide you our all-cash offer that won’t change later. Other companies may lock you in a sale contract and reduce their price during the closing process. There are no surprises or hidden fees from us, ever!

Close with confidence.

We will agree upon a closing date that is flexible for you! Closing occurs, funds are wired, keys are exchanged and your property is now sold!
Get An Offer for Your PropertyGet An Offer for Your Property

Experienced agents, proven results.

We value fairness, we also value being your unfair advantage.

One-on-one consultation

No two situations are the same. We get to know you and your needs to determine the best possible solution and offer.

A more professional process

From transparent offers and clear communication to our smooth & simple process, we bring peace of mind and certainty to a normally convoluted process.

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